Koreans In Silicon Valley

Every spring, Startup Alliance holds a 'Koreans In Silicon Valley Conference' and invites  Koreans who start a business or work in IT company in Silicon Valley. All of the contents are uploaded on Youtube and Naver TV by Startup Alliance.

Koreans In China

Every fall, Startup Alliance holds a 'Koreans In China Conference' with Platum(startup media platform) and invites Koreans who start a business or work in IT company in China. All of the contents are uploaded on Youtube and Naver TV by Startup Alliance.

Korean Startup Ecosystem Conference

Since 2015, the ‘Korean Startup Ecosystem Conference’ is being held in Jeju and Busan every year. To enrich the Korean startup ecosystem, people related to this filed gather together and share the information.

Teheran-ro Coffee Club

Teheran-ro Coffee Club is a networking in the morning. Once in two weeks on Wednesday, in the early morning, according to subject we introduce 2-3 startup. After that, we make the self-introduction and networking time.

Teheran-ro Lunch Club

Teheran-ro Lunch Club is a lecture at lunchtime. Specialists give a lecture on startup and specific industries for workers in the startup ecosystem. It’s a great opportunity to get to know overseas startup trends and technology trends during 1 hour.

Teheran-ro Funding Club

Since February 2017, once a month we host a Teheran-ro Funding Club to introduce good venture capital for startup ecosystem and to help startup that wants to attract investment. All of the contents are uploaded on website and brunch by Startup Alliance.

Teheran-ro Book Club

Teheran-ro Book Club is a networking to read a book and share stories that will help the startup and startup ecosystem. It’s a great opportunity to gain a different perspective by talking with author and panel.

Teheran-ro Study Club

Teheran-ro Study Club is focused on working experience. The speaker shares appropriate case and his way to solve the problem and know-how based on experience. It’s a great opportunity to get to know a various working way in development, design, marketing, and sales field for workers in startup.

Startup Press Day

‘Startup Press Day’ takes once a quarter, we invite startup PR staff and media staff(reporters) who suited for our theme. Also that day, we grab some beer and freely participate networking.

Mini Conference

Startup Alliance occasionally holds an event(called just enjoy conference) for discussion about issues that are too difficult to check in a short time. In the past, under the name of Mini Conference, we talked about Indonesia market. From this year(2018), we plan to progress ‘just enjoy conference’ which is rebranding.

Japan Bootcamp

Startup Alliance organizes a ‘Japan Bootcamp’ to introduce Korean promising startup company and arrange meeting for person who related startup(such as native VC, internet companies etc) in Japan every September.

Vienna Startup Package

Startup Alliance offers a chance to advance Europe market with Vienna Business Agency(Austria Vienna City Government Agency). It starts recruiting every January to late February. Among them, only one team can be stay every May to Jun in Vienna.

Entrepreneurship Conference

Startup Alliance holds an ‘Entrepreneurship Conference’ every year with Korea Entrepreneurship Foundation and Naver. At the event, we exchange view and insight about Korea entrepreneurship.

Open Innovation

To find growing momentum, we need innovation engine that Startup company have. Therefore Startup Alliance through hold an ‘Open Innovation’ let the startup, big enterprises, government agency identify new business opportunities.

Berkeley VC Academy

Every December, Startup Alliance holds a ‘Berkeley VC Academy’ with Startup Center of UC Berkeley. At the 1st BVCA (which held in last year), VC, startup financial representative, fund manager of big enterprise and lawyer participated and learned about Silicon Valley Investment business for two days.

Other forum and seminar

To solve difficulty of startup ecosystem and to make a positive view, we hold policy seminar and support for legislative authorities, government, academic world.